Welcome to the Polly's Beads Online Store

After 30 years of trading from our storefront in Penrith NSW, our retail store has closed, and we have decided to focus on our online store. Mail and phone ordering are still available.

If you have a query or need some assistance with a pattern or other beading questions, you can send us an email or give us a call.

Please, take a look around our new website, there are plenty of new ideas to discover as well as a large array of exciting beading projects to try.

We consider ourselves a specialist in seed beads and acrylic beads for crafts.  We sell Delica, Mill Hill, Czech Hank and Toho Size 9 Japanese Seed beads.  We have over the years, and still do, create our own patterns for seasonal decorations (e.g. Christmas and Easter). We also sell patterns and findings for jewellery making.

Polly’s Beads is run and owned by Rosalie Pollett, affectionately known as Polly.  Rosalie’s love for creating started early, she was taught by her grandmother how to do needlepoint, crochet and many other crafts.  While her children were young, she made many handmade items for them from many different types of materials.

In 1990 Rosalie had been making necklaces with leather and wooden beads for fundraising with the Girl Guides when the opportunity to start her business emerged and Polly’s Beads was born.

Amongst all the jewellery beads were tiny little seed beads. To sell these beads Rosalie realised that she had to teach people how to use them. Starting with the style known as lace weaving, progressing on to peyote stitch and then she started using beads on crochet cotton to knit skirts and dresses for porcelain dolls.

Over the course of the last 30+ years, Rosalie and her staff have been based within the arcade which is now known as the Tattersall Centre.

For 17 and a half years she travelled around Australia selling beads at Quilt, Craft and Beading Shows, teaching people how to make decorations, doilies and many more items out of small beads.

On the 31st of March 2021, the Polly’s Beads retail store closed, transitioning to an online store. Rosalie is assisted by family members who live interstate. Rosalie will continue to have a local presence by teaching classes and attending the local markets. Her passion for beading and teaching people how to create is still strong.

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