3884, Metallic Green Lined Crystal AB


Czech size 11 Seed Beads.

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This glass bead is Metallic Green Lined Crystal AB.

Polly’s Beads use Size 11 Czech Glass Seed Beads exclusively for knitting the outfits for porcelain dolls.

Each hank has 12 strands; each strand is approx. 50cm long with approx. 380 beads. Approx. 4500 per hank. You can also purchase in small lots. Four strands for $3.80 Email us at info@pollysbeads.com.au

Sometimes referred to as ‘rocailles’, these are a round-shaped, smooth small glass seed beads, manufactured by Preciosa© in the Czech Republic.

Referred to as size 11/0 as 11 beads are equal to an inch in length. Metric size approx. 2.0mm per bead.

Every effort has been taken to capture the colour of these beads accurately, however, there may be a small difference between what you see on your screen and what you receive. No beads are guaranteed colourfast and colours can change in each batch or dye lot.

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