BELL, PB1021 -3 Bells


Pattern Only, a full set of instructions.

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A set of Three Bells great to hang on a Christmas Tree or in a window. These bell can be hung from the tree or in a window. Kit contains Japanese size 9 Toho glass seed beadsneedle and thread. The lace weaving method of bead weaving and threading method is used in this project. Once you have created one you can order the beads to create more for Family or friends.

This Pattern will send by mail to you as a hard copy.  We ask that you do not place the pattern in any part on the internet.  We work long and hard to ensure these pattern are workable, and that is why we do not send them electronically.

This project is suitable for Beginners Beaders and children aged 12 years or older (Parental supervision and help recommended). If at any time during the making of a Polly’s Beads Patterns, please feel free to email us at or call 02 47315256   We are happy to help with any enquire at any time during your project.