0802, 13cm Basket.


All materials and a full set of instructions

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A 13cm Basket makes a wonderful gift for yourself, friends and family. The Basket is made using   has all the materials and instructions you need to make a ‘Basket 13cm’, Approximately 13cm round walls are 3.5cm when complete.

The kit has all the materials and instructions you need to make a ball.  Kit contains Japanese size 9 Toho glass seed beadsneedle, and thread  Once you have created one you can order the beads to create more for Family or friends.

This project is suitable for Intermediate Beaders,  If at any time during the making of a Polly’s Beads Kit, please feel free to email us at info@pollysbeads.com.au or call 02 47315256   We are happy to help with any enquire at any time during your project.

There is also a Doily, Coaster and Napkin Ring in this design. The basket is stiffened using white PVA glue, 2 parts glue to 1 part water, soak the finished beadwork in the solution making sure the glue gets to the cotton then wipe the glue off the beads and put the article over a container to dry. A good hand quilting thread is included in the kit along with a needle.