BALL, PB1801 Decorative Balls, 6 x 30mm


Pattern Only, A full set of instructions.

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Pattern only are adapted redesigned my Heidi Hardy,

This pattern (PB1801) has the instructions to construct  6 x 30mm Decorative Balls. We use a polystyrene ball, these balls are lightweight, ideal for small trees or hanging in windows. If you used another size bead or type of bead, you will need to reassess the size. This pattern is a good way to use up leftover beads.  Keep an eye out for the corresponding coloured 6 small bells coming soon.

No materials come with the Pattern. All items need to create this can be purchased on this website.  The items needed to create this are Toho Japanese size 9 glass seed beads, a needle,  30mm Polystyrene balls and a Thread with the lace weaving method of beading.

This Pattern will send by mail to you as a hard copy.  We ask that you do not place the pattern in any part on the internet.  We work long and hard to insure these pattern are workable, and that is why we do not send them electronically.  If at any time during the making of a Polly’s Beads Pattern, please feel free to email us at or call 0247 315256,  We are happy to help with any enquire at any time during your project.

This project is suitable for Intermediate and children aged 12 years or older (Parental supervision and help recommended).

Can also be purchased as a Kit. Kits contain all the materials needed to make this item and a full set of instructions.