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Stretch Magic 0.8mm Black 5 Metres

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Stretch Magic® is an elastic – like cord.  It is contracted of a mixture of polyester and Polyurethane. Stretch Magic® is solid and will not fray over time.  It is a strong, durable, and resiliency elastic suitable for beading.  Stretch Magic® makes creating jewelry easy, it also makes wear and remove of close fitting bracelets convenient for ages.  Stretch Magic’s® one cord toughness has so many applications.  Stretch Magic® can be finished with crimps or an overhand knot when the project is done!  Stretch Magic® does not contain any latex, rayon or elastic.  Available in three thicknesses 1mm, 0.8mm and 0.5mm, made in the USA it is known as the world’s best stretch jewelry cord.  Stretch Magic® comes in black and clear 5metres or 25meter reels.