Toggle Clasp Chinese Knot, Rose Gold in Colour



25mm long, 15mm wide and a Bar length: 25mm

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Toggle Clasp Chinese Knot, Rose Gold in Colour 5sets

Size: 25mm
Bar length: 20mm

Toggle Clasps feature an easy-to-use, flat-end design. They provide a secure closure for lightweight bracelet and necklace designs.  It is durable yet lightweight and pairs well with beaded bracelets and necklaces.  A toggle clasp is a two-part clasp consisting of a ring and a bar. The bar end requires a short length of thin work to allow it to slide lengthwise through the ring, then turn sideways so that it cannot fit back through the ring, effectively closing the jewellery piece. To open, the bar is simply pulled further through the ring just far enough to allow it to turn lengthwise again and slide back through the ring.

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