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This pattern by Little People in Porcelain

Materials Required.

Anna Magdalena Half Doll

2 Hanks Size 11 Beads (main colour)

1 Hank Size 11 Beads (contrast) 

2 Balls Perlé 8 Cotton (main colour)

1 Ball Perlé 8 Cotton (contrast)

# 42 Timber Stand

1 pr knitting needles 1.25mm

Height When Assembled 20cm

We have everything you need,  Knitting Needles, Hank Beads, Crochet Cottons, Porcelain DollStands. and everything in-between.  You can knit the skirt in any colour from our range and chosen the doll to be painted to match.   Please email us at to have a doll painted to match your chosen colour.  All Porcelain dolls take from 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, longer during holiday periods.